Glyncorrwg Ponds Visitor Centre

Set amidst the 9,000 acres of the Afan Forest Park - the Glyncorrwg Ponds and the surrounding countryside make a great day out for the whole family.

Mountain biking, trout fishing, coarse fishing, and canoeing are our most popular sports, plus miles of old flat railway lines and steep mountain slopes providing days worth of cycling and walking.


The following list of activities are available in and around Glycorrwg Ponds Visitor Centre:

  • Mountain Biking
  • Fishing
    • Trout Fishing
    • Coarse Fishing
  • Walking
  • Camping
  • Wildlife



Camping Fees
Touring Caravans and one Car.
Motor Home.
Trailer Tent one car.
Tent (other than below).
Extra Vehicles £3.00
Awning. £2.00
2 person tent and one car. (price includes showers and Hook-up) £7.00 / person
2 person tent (hikers) ( price includes showers and Hook-up) £7.00 / person
All dogs (no guard dog species). £2.00
Fishing Weekends
2 night stay (includes 10 fish ticket) £50.00

Trout Fishing

Ticket Type Price No. of Fish
Rainbow Lake £25.00 6 Fish
£20.00 4 Fish
£15.00 3 Fish
Father & Son Ticket £25.00 6 Fish
Evening Ticket £12.00- Seniors
£8.00- Juniors
2 Fish
Guaranteed Catch Ticket £140.00 22 Fish
Club Bookings * £340.00 for the day

Coarse Fishing

The coarse fishery consists of two lakes the largest covers an area of three acres and varies in depth up to 20 foot at the dam end of the lake. The water is stocked with bream, roach, and tench in February 2000.

The smaller lake was stocked with common, mirror, and ghost carp in 1997, with some of them now weighing in at 38lb+.


  • Carp:- bread flak, sweet corn, worm.
  • Bream Roach, Tench:- Bread flak, worm, casters, red and white maggots fished over sweet corn and Maggots fished a rods length out.
  • METHOD:- Waggler
  • Seniors: £5.00
  • Juniors: £3.00