coarse fishing

The coarse fishery consists of two lakes the largest covers an area of three acres and varies in depth up to 20 foot at the dam end of the lake. The water is stocked with bream, roach, and tench in February 2000.

The smaller lake was stocked with common, mirror, and ghost carp in 1997, with some of them now weighing in at 38lb+.

Carp:- bread flak, sweet corn, worm.
Bream Roach, Tench:- Bread flak, worm, casters, red and white maggots fished over sweet corn and Maggots fished a rods length out.
METHOD:- Waggler


Seniors: £5.00
Juniors: £ 3.00

Fishery Record

25lb Rainbow Trout

  • 25lb rainbow trout caught by Mr Jenkins of Merthyr Tydfil.
  • Best Brown Trout, 19lb caught by A Farman.

Notable Bags

  • Heaviest Bag: X.X lbs
  • Notable Bags: X.X lbs, X.X lbs

Successful Flies

  • Magic Lure 1
  • SomeFly

Productive Area

  • Some area

Best Method

  • Slow retrieve